Justin Madrigal


I was born and raised in Corvallis, Oregon and stayed in my hometown to attend Oregon State University where I obtained an Honors B.S. in biological engineering. I began my graduate studies here at UC Davis a year later after time travelling throughout South America. I have great appreciation for the opportunities I have found here at UC Davis and within the Silva Lab. Outside of the lab I enjoy sports, food, and any opportunity to travel and see new places.My research is focused on the development of materials based delivery methodologies. The severity and prevelance of cardiovascular disease has led to promising research into gene-, cell-, and protein-based therapies. However, translating success from bench-side into effective clinical application has proved challenging. Among several limitations to current strategies, effective delivery remains a key area for improvement. Towards this end, I seek to combine polymeric nanoparticles with oxygen-sensitive chemistries to create novel material systems. My goal is the development of a materials-based, hypoxia-targeted delivery platform as a foundation for future therapeutic angiogenesis strategies 

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