Kevin Campbell

Campbell Lab PhotoName: Kevin Campbell

Contact: // +1 530 752 9727

Research Interests: The lymphatic system is responsible for directing an immune response and collecting excess extracellular fluid from tissues. Applications of controlling the lymphatic system could have benefits for atherosclerosis and peripheral arterial disease (PAD) patients by reducing chronic inflammation and for cancer and tissue transplant patients by preventing metastasis and immune rejection. Despite the significance of the lymphatic system, there has been relatively little study in controlling lymphatic vessels. Therefore, I have been investigating how to promote lymphangiogenesis (lymphatic vessel formation) through the application of various growth factors and environmental conditions. I believe that treatments involving controlling lymphangiogenesis can be both safe and effective for treating serious diseases, which could have the potential to benefit many patients

Bio:I graduated from UC Berkeley in 2013 with a degree in chemical biology and a minor in bioengineering. I found that I not only enjoyed bioengineering, but felt that many of today’s medical problems are best addressed through a combination of medicine and engineering. As a result, I attended California Polytechnic State University for biomedical engineering and obtained a Master of Science in 2015. I have been very fortunate to observe strategies from both of these schools to not only translate research into new treatments but also how to help students become successful scientists and engineers. This has impacted my decision to pursue higher education and hopefully become a professor. I look forward to the opportunity to work with other students not only as a mentor, but also to conduct meaningful research to help develop new treatments for dangerous diseases.


  1. Campbell, Kevin. The use of Sphingomyelin to protect against UV induced DNA damage in Human Keratinocytes. Cal Poly Digital Commons (2015): 1-61. Digital Commons

Conference proceedings:

  1. Campbell, Kevin, et al. “Evaluation of DNA damage biomarker expression in UV-exposed

human keratinocytes using sphingomyelin treatment”, Society for Investigative Dermatology,

May 6-9th, 2015

  1. Campbell, Kevin, et. al. “Evaluation of apoptotic and proliferation biomarker expression in UV

exposed human keratinocytes using sphingomyelin treatment”, SPIE, February 9-11th, 2015

Research Presentation Competitions:

  1. Kevin Campbell and Kristina Bishard. “Use of sphingomyelin treatment to evaluate DNA

damage biomarker p21 expression”, 29th Annual California State University Student Research

Competition , May 1-2nd, 2015. Awarded 1st place

  1. Kevin Campbell and David Clague. “Brownian dynamic simulations to predict clinical

treatment efficiency in tissues”, California Polytechnic State University Engineering Expo, May

31st, 2014. Shared 1st place

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